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 About Us

When a market research was carried out for the availability of quality natural food and personal care products that really work, it projected meager availability. The reason being, most of the products are manufactured with preservatives & synthetic additives that harm the consumer and there are a number of non endemic / invasive herbs used in the preparations which cause an imbalance. Also, the food products employ Hybrid & G.M.O. Fruits & Vegetables in the preparations which cause many health hazards

So, the option was to manufacture products by self for ensuring availability. Before production, a literature survey of various research journals about the ethno-botanical and edible uses of herbs was carried out which concluded the following facts

1. Many herbs occurring in the wild are edible, but have not been employed for food preparations

2. Some cultivars of fruits & vegetables endemic to India, having huge nutritional values are not popular in the market

3. Herbs familiar to people have got a wide range of unknown applications

When the gained knowledge was imparted to the manufacturing of food & personal care products for personal use, the results were phenomenal. The increased nutritive value is due to the potential of the rare herbs and the traditional method in which they are prepared

To cater the needs of the people who really can / have an understanding about the concept of natural, vegan, indigenous and sattvic food, Sri Guru Enterprises has ventured a small scale production under its brand “FEEL SATTVIC”

Disclaimer: All the information given about the products is according to our knowledge and belief. We will not hold responsibility to people who demand scientific evidences to substantiate the information provided. All the knowledge gained from multiple sources regarding the preparations has been provided in each product's detail page. Queries related to the interpretation of information; intentions of use and demanding warranties will not be be strictly entertained. We strongly request persons purchasing products for their needs through this platform to gain adequate understanding by self before buying and not to get influenced by any means

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