Understanding Food

Cooking <-> Nutrition

Every creature in this mother earth except human consumes food in its natural state without processing. It is the best way to energize oneself. Food that is cooked by nature is the best available source of nutrition. When we explore sun-cooked food, fruits & nuts are the primary source of energetic food for humans. As civilizations started to build, man started processing food according to his need and taste. There is lot of balance between processing and nutrition. Very less, the processing, very high is the nutrition and vice versa. Also, there is a great relationship between the rate of processing and the energy levels. Slower, the processing rate, higher is the nutrition and vice versa. Modernization in food with the introduction of fast-paced machines has made a negative impact with regards to the nutrition levels. Cooking with heat from compressed gas cylinders damages the free radicals in food and oxidizes it faster as the heat is transferred to the food with greater force. Preferring to cook with traditional wooden stoves or charcoal stoves is more beneficial compared to the cooking done using compressed gas cylinders or electric stoves.

Storage <-> Nutrition

There is a constant interaction between food and the container in which it is stored. The container used for storing any food, whether processed or unprocessed has to allow proper interaction with the five elements of nature viz., sun, water, air, earth & space. Containers from plants for example coconut shells / bottle gourd containers, vessels made from mud and glass jars contain a lot of micro-pores which facilitate the interaction with the five elements. This will make the food stay fresh for a longer period of time. When the container lacks the micro-pores, there is no interaction and the stored substances get contaminated soon by losing its energy. This is one of the main reasons to avoid plastic and iron containers.


 Are we cultivating energetic food?

Gradually when civilizations started to grow, man started growing his own food in his backyards by clearing a portion of the forest. There arose the domestication of food when man stopped gathering food from the wild and started cultivating his own cereals, grains and vegetables. Most of the cultivated food was from the heirloom seeds of the domesticated crops which required some processing. But man enjoyed the advantage of suppressing hunger easily as the cultivated food crops were annuals that lasted for a year long. These heirloom seeds were in perfect tune with the seasons and they suited the biological needs of the human body. When man started thinking the wrong way, i.e., when he wanted the crops to grow all-round the year, there arouse the problem. He took a deep dive into hybridizing and modifying the genes of the crops to cater his needs. The resultant crops were less potent, less yielding but grew all-round the year. When the body requires heat, the crops cool it down and when the body doesn't require heat, the crops heat it up. Since the crops are less potent, the body has to gain a lot of energy from the five elements viz., sun, water, air, earth & space to process and eliminate the food consumed. This now creates a mismatch and imbalance. When the body lacks energy, it signals the mind to go in search of energy; we realize this action in the way of hunger. Basically, suppressing hunger means supplying energy required. Now it's time to think for a while... Whether the food that we eat contains the adequate energy that we need?


Deeper understanding of the types of bodies

Body literally means five types of bodies which are arranged as detailed below  

1.  சுவர்ணதேகம் / Annamaya Kosam (Physical Body) above
2.  பிரணவ தேகம் / Pranamaya Kosam (Astral / Pranic Body) above
3.  சுத்த தேகம் / Manomaya or Gunamaya Kosam (Subtle / Emotional Body) above
4.  ஒளி தேகம் / Vignyanamaya Kosam (Light / Intellectual Body) above
5.  ஞான ஒளி தேகம் / Aanandamaya Kosam (Wisdom Light / Blissful Body) which surrounds the ஆன்மா / Atman / Soul

The Manomaya or Gunamaya Kosam (Subtle / Emotional body) which refers to the mind experiences five different types of feelings viz., 

1.  மயக்கம் / Tamasic (Negative Mentality), 
2.  மனவெழுச்சி / Rajasic (Impulsive Mentality), 
3.  அமைதி / Sattvic (Positive Mentality), 
4.  பரம அமைதி / Shudh Sattvic (Godly Love Mentality) and 
5.  குணமற்ற நிலை / Gunatheetham (Beyond Attributes)


 Food <-> BoDY

Now, the let us answer some interesting questions related to the food and body . . . . .

Does the word 'food' only mean what is eaten through the mouth?

The answer is NO! The FIVE ELEMENTS OF NATURE become our FOOD! Air that we inhale is the primary source of living and it is the primary food to thrive. Heat is most essential for life to exist. When we are thirsty, Water becomes our food. Food that we consume is an essential combination of solid matter from this mother earth along with the other four elements of nature. So, Earth which forms the base of the other elements of nature to co-exist also becomes our food. If we eat for the full stomach, we do not allow enough space for air and water to pass by. Space becomes our food again. Literally, all the five elements of nature cannot exist without one another. Our body (five types of bodies) is a balanced combination of five elements of nature. If any element goes out of balance, the body feels a discomfort. So, life is about staying in balance i.e. a balance with the five elements

Is the consumed food really providing the required energy?

If the food consumed is uncooked / slow cooked food with minimal processing using wild or heirloom crops and stored in good containers, all the bodies receive adequate energy and function at optimum levels. If the food is over processed or is made from hybridized / genetically modified plants and is stored in unhealthy vessels, energization is improper and is at diminished levels

What are the qualities imparted by the food consumed?

When a person is able to feel positivity and charm after consuming a type of food, the food is said to be SATTVIC in nature; when he feels anger, tension and restlessness, the food is said to be RAJASIC in nature; when he feels lazy, depressed and negative, the food is said to be TAMASIC in nature

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