Frequently Asked Questions


Some say, too many ingredients are not required for energization. Is that true?

When a product is created to cater an individual need, that holds true. One particular ingredient might work for a person and another ingredient for another. To identify this, individual characteristics need to be studied in detail before preparation. This becomes a complex assignment. So to cater the needs in general, many indigenous ingredients which are useful for a particular purpose are identified with much effort and they are employed in the preparations to ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved. The combination of the ingredients creates a super-potency which ensures faster energization with ease. For example, cinnamon is very good to freshen breath; but for those whom cinnamon doesn't work, sarsaparilla might help and so on

Transforming 100% Vegan alone imparts Pure-Sattvic Nature?

Absolutely NO! Every creature in this mother earth exhibits good and bad qualities. Plants do not differ from this by any means. While the physical body gains nutrition from the food consumed, it is important to note the impact created upon the mind by the food we eat. Some examples of plant-based foods considered to be non-sattvic are onion, garlic, chilli-pepper, tamarind, bottle gourd, brinjal, tomato etc…

What is the logic behind our focus on Fully-Indigenous Ingredients

Every creature in this mother Earth intends to live healthier by adapting to the environment which is basically the combination of five elements of nature. When there is an imbalance in these five elements, there is a discomfort. For example, in deserts, the climate is hot. A person living there would need a lot of water to thrive. His body will fight to combat heat and will tend to cool down. So do the plants endemic to deserts operate. They absorb moisture from the air and store it for survival. There will be a lot of thorns in desert crops to prevent the escaping of moisture. Likewise, plants endemic to hills require a lot of heat and will repel moisture. They act, the opposite way. If a person living in desert consumes food endemic to the hills, it is totally absurd. Similarly, if a person living in the hills consumes a food endemic to the desert, it makes no sense. Nature has created crops according to the climate zones. So, it is always healthier to consume food endemic to the region of dwelling. Exotic flora is definitely not a good choice for a healthy living

Going 'Organic' is good. Is that alone sufficient for holistic health care?

‘Organic food’ basically means the food prepared from the plants raised without synthetic inputs. With so much of transformation on the agricultural methods in the recent times, it is now a very difficult task to source plant produce from the market that has been grown, ‘the organic way’. When we choose to eat organic food, the best reliable way to ensure the requirement is to prefer cultivation by self. With the recent lifestyle changes, this might not sound possible to everyone; but there are least other options. If one can ensure 100% organic inputs to the food consumed, it will be the most constructive of things to maintain his health.


Even if food consumed is grown the ‘organic’ way, one should understand that the inner transformation towards liberation from this materialistic life happens with the qualities that he possesses.


The qualities of our Gunamaya Kosam  / Manomaya Kosam (Mind) are directly proportional to the food that we consume.

அன்னம் போல் எண்ணம்; எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை!

quality of thoughts depends on the food that we eat and life is according to the thoughts in the mind!   

Switching to SATTVIC FOOD prepared with 

SLOW & MINIMAL PROCESSING is the first step in uplifting the mind to travel towards inner peace and to get liberated

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